What we did and what we found

Knowledge Exchange for
Enterprise in Permaculture

What we did


January 2016 – October 2016


in depth

39 took part in our survey

159 permaculture inspired UK businesses identified and mapped

3 workshops

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Over 150 participants
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West Yorkshire
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What we produced


This online guide to permaculture enterprise

A full project report

An article for permaculture magazine, currently under preparation

A presentation at the ISBE conference in Paris, October 2016

KEEP team

A video of Jennifer Laurol, the keynote speaker at our closing workshop

A presentation of our findings at the End of Project Workshop.

An academic paper on institutional entrepreneurship in permaculture, currently under preparation.

An academic paper on attitudes and ideas in the permaculture business community, currently under preparation.


What we found out


More than half of businesses have been in operation for five years or longer.


Only 1 enterprise

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Employed more than 10 employees.

About one-third are community/social enterprises or charity-related.

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Permaculture-inspired businesses are likely owned and operated by an individual, or a two person (e.g. wife/husband) partnership.

40% of the enterprises had annual turnover of less than £10,000.

For 60% of enterprises turnover has increased compared with two years ago.


woman icon45% man icon55%

Nearly half of the businesses (45%) are owned by women.

Only 5% are owned by someone from a minority ethnic background.


Nearly half of respondents are receiving an income from a source other than their permaculture-inspired business.

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Respondents were educationally highly qualified – only a handful had not attained a first degree.

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More than 80% of respondents had completed the Permaculture Design Certificate, and 40% had completed the Diploma in Applied Permaculture.

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About 75% of respondents were over 40, and only 5% under 30.